#70 - "Website Update" from Rodeo, New Mexico

Before I hit the road in January I created a new website and parked it at mjacobi.com. I had wanted a separate web presence that would feature road trip related content kept separate from the exoticfauna.com that had long been my online home. I have built websites for years, most from scratch with my own html and css code. Many were extensive multi-page sites that featured loads of content such as my monograph on the African bush vipers and my database of the world's tarantula species, but my present exoticfauna.com had been reduced to a single page that condensed an overview of my career projects related to herpetofauna and arachnofauna. I decided that my new "life on the road" focused site would be created using a WYSIWYG click-and-drag page creator and used GoDaddy's Website Builder to create mjacobi.com and hosted it there.

While I've been on the road I've increasingly found a "rv life" website uninteresting/unnecessary and the Blogger [Google] blog platform cumbersome. At the same time, I've really wanted to rebuild what used to be called exoticfauna.com and feature more of my images for those who don't want to navigate over to SmugMug or Instagram [but, yeah, clicking a link isn't hard work so try it!]. A single website made sense and I chose the URL containing my name over the very content-specific "Exotic Fauna". At mjacobi.com I will eventually even have my music.

As of this writing, my new mjacobi.com has launched on SquareSpace. Today's online web creators are so clean, elegant and powerful that I decided laboring over code to be silly, and have simply customized one of their templates to my liking. I had planned to finish the site before its public launch, but when I cancelled my GoDaddy hosting and transferred the domain over to SquareSpace things happened quicker than I intended. So, I have been hurriedly been working on the site whenever I am not out hiking or road cruising. As of this morning, it's finally something headed in the right direction.

At mjacobi.com you now find this blog, of course, but you also can view images, read bios, view and download a selected group of my publications and more. More content will be added every day (especially images) so please bookmark and revisit often. ExoticFauna is still online, but I have also cancelled that hosting and will take the mostly biographic content that is currently there and turn it into part of the "about" homepage bios at mjacobi.com.

I hope you're having a good Sunday Funday. I am exhausted/feeling a bit rundown & ill so after spending the last couple of hours tweaking the new website and now writing this, methinks it is time for a siesta.

Peace & love & good happiness stuff, MJ