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My next international journey will be to Budapest. I will meeting my Brit mates there as many of them present on behalf of the British Tarantula Society for a lecture series attached to TerraPlaza and operated by Macilaci Spiders.

In late February I will be returning to the beautiful island of Langkawi off the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Here our group enjoys the beautiful surroundings of Berjaya Resort. The week before our visit to Langkawi much of our party will be in Kuching, Sarawak in the Malaysian area of Borneo. Here we will visit many wondrous places including Bako National Park

My life has been a series of road trips and, more recently, a number of cross country moves and logging many miles on the open highways of the American West. Soon I will embark on the ultimate road trip. Details upcoming ...


I am a man of the wilderness. My youth took in most of the U.S. National State Parks and I will soon continue my path on the roads of the United States, shun-piking and boon-docking where possible, and photographing the natural world while writing about it. I also travel the world, usually in pursuit of arachnid, reptile and amphibian fauna to photograph, but at other times just taking in culture, cuisine and libations in exotic locales or spending time with international friends.

​A frugal life on the road doesn't allow for many luxuries.​ My treats are a good cup of espresso or a cold craft lager. If you are a fan of my free content such as my blog, images and Instagram feed, I'd thank you to contribute to my "TREAT FUND". I appreciate your generosity and will raise a toast in your honor and post a pic of that on IG.




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